Event Details

Where: The 2nd 9th Age North American Masters Event will be held in The Midwest. Venues are currently under review

When: The event will be held the end of January 2020.

Qualifying: The goal in mind is to have The Masters event be a 32 man event where people have to qualify in order to get into, not just anyone can walk in and be The Master. There will be 3 different ways to qualify to make it obtainable for everyone.

  • Winning Select GTs – There will be  approximately 25 invitations awarded by winning at qualifying GTs .  In the case that the winner declines it will go to the next person in line. If he/she declines, next person, so on and so forth all the way down the 10% of the events attendance (i.e. if a 40 man event we go down to 4th place for invitation). If none of these accept then the invitation will be thrown into the pool for people to obtain during the qualifier event the Friday of The Masters.
  • Rankings- Another 4 invitations will be given out according to tournament rankings (excluding those qualifying above).  All 9th age events can potentiallt contribute to your ranking.
  • Friday Qualifier- There will be a open play event on the Friday of The masters. The top 3 at this event will then receive invitations to play in The Masters GT for Saturday and Sunday.

*In order for tournaments to be used as Qualifiers for The Masters they will have to meet certain criteria. Some of these include but not limited to:

  • Must be a 5 game event
  • Use points levels of 3000-6000pts
  • Minimum of 20 players  (exceptions can and will be made by the committee for under represented regions in order to promote and grow our hobby)

Events that qualified the previous year will be evaluated and cleared to advertise as a NA Masters feeder event.    Please email us if you expect to have 20 attendees want to promote your event as a masters qualifier to see if you be conditionally on the lists (pending your final attendance.).


Invitations – invitations will be sent out the week of December 1st for GT winners and the week after om December 8th for rankings.

  • In the case that one person wins more than 1 GT that’s a qualifier, their invite will be used for their first win. The event they won their 2nd or 3rd event will have it sent automatically to person who came in 2nd.
  • In the case a individual declines an invite from winning a GT they then decline their Masters invite all together and won’t then be able to accept 1 through rankings or the Friday qualifier.

Painting – Painting at The Masters will be required to be a 3 color minimum and based. There will be no “judging” of paint. Simply you meet this per-requisite or you don’t. If not you will receive a penalty. This is the championship event of a hobby and participants are expected to uphold a certain standard for the hobby.



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