Qualifying Events

For an event to be in consideration for a Masters Qualifying event it needs to meet some criteria.

  • Run at least 5 Rounds of play.
  • Use point levels between 3000 – 6000 points.
  • Have a minimum of 20 players

The Masters will run on a calendar that starts on December 1st, and runs through November 30th.

The Following Events have already been identified as feeder tournament for the 2021 Masters (Some noted as Pending per Attendance):

  • Alberta Classic * (Alberta)
  • Battle Cry (MD)
  • Brawlers Bash (NC)
  • Buckeye  (OH)
  • Canadian Masters *
  • Canadian Table Top Championship *
  • Corner Hammer  (IL)
  • Dragons Den (PA)
  • Grail Quest (PA)
  • Hog Fest (WI)
  • Infernal Zoo (CA)
  • Lone Star (TX)
  • March To War (OR)
  • Mountain Mayhem (VA)
  • Michigan GT (MI)
  • Ordo Fanaticus * (OR)
  • Plains of War 3 * (Manitoba)
  • Red River Rumble* (KS)
  • SoCal Joust (CA)
  • Tides of War  (AZ)
  • Triumph GT * (NJ)
  • War on the Plans * (Saskatchewan)
  • Wicked GT * (KA)

* Official Qualifier Status Pending 20+ attendees at these Events

Check the Calendar for additional Details of these and other events



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