Who’s In?

The 1st Round of Masters Invites will be sent out to the winners of the qualifying GT’s.

Should any of those players decline the invite that is extended, there will be a 10% push down for the invites based on the field of players who participated in the qualifying event.

Example: Event A qualifies for a Masters Invite. The event hosted 30 players and met all other criteria. Player 1 wins the Event and is extended an invite to the Masters. Player 1 declines event. The invite will then be extended to Player 2. Should Player 2 also decline, the invite will be extended to Player 3 who would be the 3rd place finisher. In the event that Player 3 also declines the invite will then be added to the available open qualifier opportunities at the Friday Qualifier Event held the day before Masters.

10% of a 30 man field allows for up to 3 invites to push down with only 1 person being able to accept. Meaning the more people an event has, the better a shot people may have to see a push down invite.

Current top finishers from the qualified events in North America are as follows:

North American Masters 20109

  1. Hugo Pila
  2. Chris Mince
  3. Justin Burgy

Grail Quest

  1. Brett Rob

Red River Rumble

  1. Pete Reese

March To War

  1. Alex Harrison
  2. Ben Kerr

Corner Hammer

  1. Joe Finlayson
  2. Justin Burgy
  3. Jeff Durham
  4. James Silva

Canadian Open 

  1.  Matt Lau
  2. Doug Lamb

Wicked GT

  1. Jeremy Gottschalk
  2. Mike Lies

BuckEye Battles

  1. Pete Reese (Previous Qualifier Winner)
  2. Joe Finlayson (Previous Qualifier Winner)
  3. Jake Murphy  (Top Invite)
  4. Jason Sprague
  5. Justin Burgy
  6. Ryan Caps
  7. Nicholas Heugal
  8. Jeremy Schweitzer

War on the Plains

  1.  Ryan Freiburger
  2.  Matt Lau (Previous Invite)

SoCal Joust

  1.  Jake Murphy (Previous Invite)
  2.  Ben Kerr
  3.  Tim Adair

Battle Cry

  1.  Joe Finlyason(Previous Invite)
  2.  Justin Burgy  (top invite)
  3.  Mark Ciarlone

Brawlers Bash

  1.  Keith Bonneau
  2.  Gray Williams

Lone Star

  1.  Matt Resich

Dragons Den

  1.  Shannon Powell
  2.  Phil Blake

Mayhem in the Mountains

  1.  James Silva
  2.  Neil Hamilton
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